Peterson Machine & Repair, Machining Specialists Chester County, PA 610.458.5141


3 Bridgeports 9"x49"
1 Milwaukee #3 16"x62"

CNC Equipment
2 DPM Track Mills 20"x50"
1 DPM Track Mill 20"x50"
1 SX Lathe 24"x60" Coming Soon

Finishing Equipment
Glass Beading
Sand Blasting
Parts Tumbler
Vibratory Finisher

Miscellaneous Equipment
12"x18" Saw
Up to 20" Rotary Tables
Portable Drills-Magnetic
Various Drill Presses
75-Ton Dake Press
Doall Band Saw

20"x180" Leblond
16"x80" Voest
8"x20" South Bend

Surface Grinders
8"x18" Harig
8"x20" Reid
6"x12" Taft-Pierce

Welding Equipment
Miller 251 Mig Welder
Miller 250 Tig Welder
400 AMP Stick/Tig Welder
Gas-cutting Unites

Mobile and Handling Equipment
Ford Utility Truck
Cargo Vans
3000lb Fork Truck
1200lb Fork Truck